Watch News 12 NJ Anchor Della Crews Interview Karen Elise Wormack
Watch NJ News 12 Anchor Della Crews Announce Karen Elise Wormack's upcoming interview
while also sharing the picture of the day with Misss Wormack and her Aunt Shirley A. Wormack
Watch Pennsylvania State Senator Mario Scavell Interview Karen Elise Wormack


Watch Pennsylvania Representative Rosemary Brown Interview Karen Elise Wormack





     ​Karen Elise Wormack  Author       RACUD Illustrator The Adventures of Prissy and Missy, "Sleepwalk Affair"

Dot.Pixel   Illustrator for The Adventures of Prissy and Missy,  "Travel Abroad"     Charles Carpenter Composer/Maestro    

Published by House of the Guilded Scribe, LLC      Mount Pocono, PA  18344       copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved  Worldwide

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