"Prissy and Missy are so cute!  My kids just love them.  Can't wait for the next nine stories". ---Carly, Santa Monica, California​

"You have to be so careful these days with what your children watch on TV and what they see and read.  I like the wholesomeness of these characters and my kids think they're smart, cute and funny".   ---Barb, Washington, DC​

"I met the Author in the Poconos.  She has a great personality and writes great kids books. Children can really learn a lot and the book even has a glossary.  I like that". ---Tina, Stroudsburg, PA​

"We think Prissy and Missy are really sweet sisters.  We love the rhyming sentences which makes it easy and fun to learn.  It's a really good new book for kids". ---Pat, Landover, MD​

"I thought the page with Dr. Halitosis was hilarious.  I am really impressed with this story and  am waiting for the  future publications.  Of course I'll get all ten books when they get published".  --Tyrone,  Manassas, VA​

"Thank you very much for considering my native language (Potuguese) for translation.  My country will be a little more rich knowing the sweet stories of Prissy and Missy". ---Elisabete,  PortuguaL

"The world has become extremely competitive.  Our children must have book smarts, as well as, "THINKING" smarts.  The Prissy and Missy Series teaches children a myriad of meaningful skills including, reading, writing, memory, phonetics, sentence structure, and word definitions, while encouraging emotional stability, curiosity, and positive well being.  House of the Guilded Scribe, LLC certainly hopes "The Adventures of Prissy and Missy" Series becomes "The Latest, Greatest" Children's classic.  We thank all past, present and future friends and fans of "The Adventures of Prissy and Missy" Children's Book Series.

---Karen Elise Wormack, Author

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